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to the San Antonio Class of '62 Douglas MacArthur Alumni Website.
Feel free to browse the website and stay in touch with your classmates.

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Next Mini-Reunion is in March, 2017.  For those of you that like to plan ahead, the 55th reunion is going to take place om October, 2017

“Fall 2016 Mini-Reunion”

Hello to the best class of MacArthur High School,

Our Fall "Mini-Reunion" was held at the Barn Door Restaurant on October 14th. Our group of about 20, mostly local, enjoyed the visiting and the great food. We discussed locations for future reunions and  we may return to some of the locations of the past.  But, if you have an idea for a location, please let us know.

Email notices with details are sent out with details every spring/fall. But, a lot of alumni don't have email. If you don't have email or you know a classmate that doesn't please pass the information  along. Again, Mini-Reunions are held each Spring and Fall in San Antonio for our Class of '62. If your email address has changed, please forward it to the committee in the most convenient method.

Pictures of Reunions

Pictures from reunions are posted at "" (see Internet address below). You can view pictures, post your own pictures, leave comments, and fill out a poll telling us what you think, as well. I believe you have to register, however there is no cost to do so.  (Please ignore the fact that there are multiple duplicate images posted by accident. All pictures are posted RAW (no cropping or finishing has been done. Most are hi-res photos and you can download copies from the website. Email Randy if you have any problems or questions.

For your records, here is your site information:
Site Name: MacArthur Class of '62
Site URL:

The Reunion Committee

The committee is looking at the best ways to make all reunions more accessible to more alumni. We are, of course, always interested in what you have to say about all reunions. You can contact us in writing (see the directory) or by email or phone to any one of the committee members.  Some information is contained on other alumni websites such as "Classmates", but the official 1962 website is the only place where all information is kept up to date and latest information posted.


If you have a computer and email, but haven't heard from us, we may not have your email.  So, forward that email to us ASAP or click EMAIL

Good luck to all…and don’t be a stranger…send us some emails…let us know what you are doing…what you are thinking…maybe your own idea of what we should include in the reunion, but most of all...stay in touch! 

Also, please take a moment and look at our "missing alumni".  This list will be updated as our notices are returned. If you have any information on these alumni, please forward it to our committee by clicking "here".

Do you have any news to present, or information on our class...if so, please forward to me so that I can post on the website.

  There are only "about"

Trouble finding things - click here

If you have any questions, contact any of the committee members at this site. Send email to The Committee with comments or questions about this website or reunion plans. This page was last updated


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