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Class of ‘62 "50th" Anniversary Reunion

Hi all,

We can not tell you how much we enjoy your feedback.  If we never hear from you after the reunion we wonder how things really went.  We work on this for about a year, off and on, and we know we have done our best but if we never really know then we wonder...thank you.  If it wasn't for all of you we could not pull this off.

I think we are all excited about doing this in 5 years....we'll see. What we do need from you all is to stay in touch and whatever you might hear about someone please let us know.  We are able to find more via internet but we till need your help.

I had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone...I wish I had visited more.


Hi everyone! Well, from the feedback I am getting, a good time was had by all.  The BBQ was great at the Bluebonnet Palace, and the buffet at the Oak Hills Country Club was fantastic.  But, most of all, it was great renewing old friendships. Our turnout was even better than we expected. I don't know what we might have left out, unless it was a Ferris wheel.


The committee wishes to thank each and every one of those that made the trip, from as far away as California and Maryland and as far north as Minnesota, not to mention the other states and all over Texas. Thank you all for making the 50th Mac reunion a success.

The only problem with doing the photography is you don't get to visit everyone...don't know what can be done about that.  And, speaking of the photography, I have uploaded the full hi-res photos onto the Shutterfly website. The 40th and 50th reunion shots are both on the website. You can access the photos for downloading (free), or ordering prints, albums, calendars and other specialty customized items from Shutterfly online. You can access Shutterfly by typing in the website at or simply pressing the following button.

View site

If you have any problems with the website, please contact me at and provide details.

And, again...thank you thank you thank you for making this reunion special by your presence.


   If you have a computer and email, but haven't heard from us, we may not have your email.  So, forward that email to us ASAP or click EMAIL

Good luck to all…and don’t be a stranger…send us some emails…let us know what you are doing…what you are thinking…maybe your own idea of what we should include in the reunion, but most of all...stay in touch! 

Also, please take a moment and look at our "missing alumni".  This list will be updated as our notices are returned. If you have any information on these alumni, please forward it to our committee by clicking "here".

Do you have any news to present, or information on our class...if so, please forward to me so that I can post on the website.

  There are only "about"

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If you have any questions, contact any of the committee members at this site. Send email to The Committee with comments or questions about this website or reunion plans. This page was last updated


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