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40th Reunion 2002

Our 40th Reunion was a wonderful success. It was great to see everyone, talk over old times...and find out what everyone is doing now. Friday night was party at the Oak Hills Country Club. We had great Texas BBQ under the stars, and a panorama picture taken by Goldbeck Company.  We were pleasantly surprised (and happy) to find that Jim Burk did indeed still have an active pulse, in spite of the fact he was reported to be among the deceased in the Class of '62 Alumni Directory...sorry about that Jim.  Saturday, many joined in a tour of the new Mac campus (there isn't much left of the old...the last wing is scheduled to be torn down this week). The bad news is you would never recognize the campus. The good news is...well, you would never recognize the campus. Saturday night there was great Mexican food at the Casa Rio Mexican Restaurant on the Riverwalk. (We found out what it is like downtown and on the river on a Saturday night when a Brittney Spears concert is about to start.) There was plenty of dancing...just ask Jim Heidelberg! And, we all took a moment of silence to remember our friends that we have lost in recent years. Those of us that were able to take advantage of the special rates offered our alumni by the Hyatt on the river found that to be the best way to end the evening...(no driving home!). Thanks to Maurice Anderson, we were honored to be joined by five of our former teachers on Saturday...John Pearson, Keith Cruse, Thurman Adkins, Anthony Constanzo, and John Michel. There was some "speaking" of course (Gary Nagel was up to the task as usual).  What a great visit we all had. The former teachers seemed to be in agreement that looking around at us, they didn't feel near as old as they used to. After a while everyone began to get used to all the camera bugs that were snapping photos for the music CD that Sharon McGinnis is coordinating. 


So, now  it's over, and we all head back to resume our normal (or not so normal?) lives...but, only for five more years. Hopefully, we will all be back together for the 45th reunion. But, until then, keep an eye on this website. I will be be keeping it active permanently. Everyone is encouraged to keep in touch with each other (email makes that especially easy), and especially with the committee through this website. Send us news (we will even take gossip if we are really hard up). Be sure to check out all the pages of this website. Your contributions are welcome...whether it be pictures of our past reunions, or interesting stories. Thanks to the committee for their hard work, and the committee thanks all the alumni that participated and made this the best reunion of them all!

Randy Ikerman
Site Administrator


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